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Leaving for Kyoto

Well, I have been granted a long weekend. Monday is one of Japan’s many and varied national holidays, Taiiku no Hi or Sports Day, and undergraduates at my school were given Tuesday off. What does this mean? It means a four day weekend. It means I gotta run.

So, I am heading to Kyoto, the historical imperial capital of Japan with 1,800 temples and hundreds of shrines. It is widely recognized for maintaining some traditional Japanese urban life, with ancient buildings and legendary sights.

To get there, I have to make it to a bus station near Shinjuku, the WORLD’S busiest train station (remember my Fuji experience?) Saturday morning to take an 8 hour bus trip southwest to the Kansai prefecture, and more specifically, Japan’s seventh largest city, Kyoto.

I am spending three nights there. On this whim I managed to book a cheap hostel for two nights. Let me say that again, I’ll get to Kyoto Saturday night and don’t have a place to stay until Sunday night. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN’T WORK OUT!

Get ready for some great photos and plenty of stories. I’ll get back to you next week, wish me luck. A lot of luck.

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