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Below, in chronological order, find all the Junior Year Abroad videos in which I appeared.

The premiere video:

My audition tape:

My first episode, introducing me:

My second episode, Disorientation, in which I get hopelessly lost my first week in Tokyo:

My third episode, Rising Sun, in which I climb Mount Fuji:

My fourth episode, Honorable Visitor, in which I interview noted author Donald Richie:

My fifth episode, Geisha, Sumo and Sushi, in which I pursue Japanese culture:

My sixth episode, in which I try and share Japanese food, include a stop at the Tsukiji fish market:

My seventh episode, Fall Colors, in which I take on a few small trips away from Tokyo, including Nikko:

My eighth episode, Scavenger Hunt, in which I see if I can find nearly a dozen common American items:

My final individual episode, in which I reflect on my time:

The final overall JYA episode, which serves as a review of all the cast trips: